How to make #HappyThursdays happier? Get more ice cream.

Because we just can’t get enough scoops of ice cream especially on stress-filled days, we’re sharing the good news (and dedicating one full post for it) in hopes of saving a life. Yes, ice cream can save a life! Aside from boosting your mood, it also provides energy and stimulates the brain. Plus, it has lots of calcium that can help reduce your risk of getting colon cancer. Need more reasons to indulge?

Making Happy Thursdays happier, Dairy Queen will be blessing us again with double servings of our favorite flavors every Thursday for the month of September.  In line with their DQ BOGO Thursday promo (that’s Buy One, Get One just in case you’re wondering), customers will be able to get a free Regular Blizzard when they purchase a Regular Blizzard in any of the following flavors: Oreo, Strawberry Banana, Chocolate Chip, Rocky Road, Vanilla, or Brownie Temptation.

(Photo from Dairy Queen PH's Facebook page)

(Photo from Dairy Queen PH’s Facebook page)

To make life easier for everyone, DQ made this promo valid in ALL their stores. However, do take note that you can only get the same flavor for both cups. I suggest you share the ice cream and split the bill with a friend if your taste buds can’t handle two of the same flavor.

Since we’re already talking about their ice cream, Manila Millennial would like to greet DQ a Happy Anniversary! In case you missed it, they’re giving away more treats for their loyal customers through P10 on the 10th.

(Photo from Dairy Queen PH's Facebook page)

(Photo from Dairy Queen PH’s Facebook page)

Get a 3 oz. DQ One Ball Cone for only P10 every 10th of the month starting this September; and because they’re feeling really generous, anyone can buy as many as they want!

I can feel the sugar rush as early as now. See you in DQ stores around the Metro!

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